YAY Week 1!

Heyyyyooo everyone!!

This is the first installment of letters from me while out here on the mission. These e-mails will consist of highlights, things that make me smile, and personal thoughts on life, Canada or any other mentally stimulating things I have pondered. As I don’t want to overload your inboxes, these emails will come when I feel/hear something extra special that I think you should hear- around once or twice a month. If you feel so inclined, weekly updates of my journey to Atlantic Canada will be posted on my blog!
A little bit of what I have/ will be doing till June 21st! Going to class, eating, studying, reading, workout, learning, teaching, praying. There’s really not much more to the MTC than that. No social media, no internet, no texting, no hugging girls. The main and central idea behind a mission is thinking of others before yourself. My district and I noticed how close we have gotten, even though we just meet each other 5 days ago. We came to realize that distractions (as listed above) in our life limit the connection of the human spirit and hinder the growth we can achieve as friends and people.
I challenge all of you to not just set your phone down when spending time with friends or family, but leave it in another room. Turn off the distractions you have in your life and have other people be your source of happiness and enjoyment. I have been able to make some amazing friendships in just under a week because of this principle, and I am SOOO grateful to have learned this!!!
If you want to write me, use Dearelder.com!! I will respond the next time I am at a computer!!
Elder Emmett William Madsen
2005 N 900 E Unit 167
Provo UT 84602
Elder, em
SHOUT OUT TO: Mom, Dad, Ella, Makena, Price, Kristen Sumsion (sorry if I spelled that wrong), Ellen Morris, Natalie Draga, Kim Clary, Kendall Blake, Sandy Bertha, and Karen Marriott for all the amazing letters, notes, and packages!! I love you all!!!
PICS: 1. My companion, Elder Smith. 6’5”. 250lbs. Played Football at the U, and me… 5’8”, 155lbs, dancer at BYU. Couldn’t get more opposite.
2. My zone!! Yay I love them! My companion and I are the Zone leaders and it’s so fun!!
3. All my girlfriends who surprised me at the temple!!! LOVE THEM SO MUCH
4. Sister Eyre!! Long time family friends, see her every day!!
5. I have way more pics, but I can’t add any more 😦 so check the blog later for more!)


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