Week 2

What’s up everyone!!!
Life at the MTC is fabulous as always! Lots of teaching, learning, and growing. My favorite part of this week was last Tuesday when there was an Worldwide MTC devotional.
I had the experience of hearing from one of the Apostles! David A. Bednar spoke and it was one of the most remarkable talks I’ve heard. His message was clear and simple: God loves each and every one of us. He told us that we are known ‘one by one’ in the eyes of the Lord.
Whenever you feel lost or lonely, you can always turn to the Lord in prayer. He is there to listen and answer to your feelings and thoughts.
The days can seem long, and it is pretty tiring here, but the joy and feeling of accomplishment make all the work worth it.
We have lots of fun in the MTC and I am so grateful for my short time here. Seriously SO #blessed that I won’t be here for 9 weeks.
I love all my friends, family, and amazing notes and letters from everyone!

Love Elder em

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