Oh Canada!!! [Week 4]


This has been the craziest week of my life! Events ranging from getting injured by the Canadian Immigration office, being yelled at in French, and feeling the Holy Ghost more than ever. 

Traveling to Canada was quite exciting and fun because we were upgraded to FIRST CLASS BABY! The gate agent said she had never seen missionaries seated in first class, so we must be doing something right out here! It was all fun, until the Halifax airport when we were stuck in the immigration office till 5:30 am!! Way past missionary bedtime hahah! Somehow I was able to explain how the missionaries are here to do service and help spiritually uplift the Canadian people and we made it out safely. Quite the first experience. 

My area that I’m serving in is a little town called Dieppe, New Bruinswick. It’s apart of a larger town called Moncton, but is more French. One day as we were talking to people on the walking path, one person began to yell at us in French and was rather rude. My companion, Elder Iacopucci speaks French and was able to tell her that we are here to help and bring people closer to Christ. It was a rather eye-opening experience that taught me to always love one another, even if you don’t believe in what they are doing/ saying.

I have quickly learned the importance of being friendly and always giving people a smile because it really does go a lot way. I hope all of you smile at everyone you meet because the world needs more happiness 🙂 

Love you all!

Love Elder em


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