Trails of Flys

This week not only did Elder Iacopucci and I get to witness a Pokemo-Go fight, but also the swarming of fly’s around our heads.

There is a nice lady who we teach by walking along the trail with. She took us along the part of the trail that is wooded and next to the river.
We put on bug-spray to protect us from the mosquitoes, but little did we know that flys are the ones that getcha out here at this time! The whole lesson consisted of flys buzzing around our heads and bothering us as we walked. We made it through the lesson, but found dead flys down our shirts and in our hair later that day hahah
I was thinking about this and how we can prepare ourselves for a trial that we know is coming. You can prepare all you want for what you think is coming, but when the time comes there is always something else there to get you.
We have to prepare ourselves for any trials we have by being grounded on something. A beautiful verse in The Book of Mormon says that if you build your rock upon the Lord, our Redeemer, when the ‘mighty whirlwinds’ come, you will be prepared for anything ahead in your path (Helaman 5:12).
I know that as we do this, we can surmount any challenge that comes our way.
I love all of you!
-Elder Em

The trail that we walked on near the river.




Zombies to Ourselves

We are Zombies to Ourselves
This week I learned to importance of being aware of what you are doing.
Elder Iacopucci and I were walking along the river trail as we do most days when we saw some guys walking looking down at their phones. We said hello, but they paid no attention to us and continued onward. This same interaction happened more than 6 times in a row! We were baffled, what was everyone doing glued to their phone to where they couldn’t look up to greet another human?
Finally we talked to a young man who told us about a new game called ‘Pokemon-Go’. He explained to us the presence of the game and we duly noted this new craze.
Over the course of the week, anywhere we went, we saw people playing this game and it amazed me that people wouldn’t acknowledge us because they were so addicted to this new game!
We learned from members at church that this game came out a few weeks ago, and people playing it have actually passed away because they have walked into traffic.
The Lord teaches us in Moroni 8:17 that “if there be faults they be the faults of a man.” 
It baffles me when people tell me that I’m brainwashed or manipulated or forced to be a missionary and spread the wonderfully message of Jesus Christ when others are dying from addictions to their screens. Now that is not being in control of your body. 
I love everyone of you so much! I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon and the teachings that it shares with us today. Get outside and get off your phone! Meet a new friend and explore the beautiful world that we only get to live in once 😉

Yo yo yo Slurpee Day

This week we were able to attend a Baptism from the efforts of the Moncton Missionaries. It was quite an amazing experience as the the lady felt so at peace and happy with her decision. It reminded me of the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how much happiness it brings into mine, and other’s lives.
We sand a song in French, and while I didn’t understand word for word what we were singing, I was told how it was about returning to live with our Heavenly Father. The message it shared it simple, ‘Remember Him’ and when you hear His message, listen to what you feel and live your life in accordance with His principles.
I was able to see the Tital bore this week and it is pretty cool! I felt right along at home watching the surfer on the river! I’m always amazed with the beautiful world we live in and cherish every moment I get to live in it!
Elder Em

1/24 yeet

1 Month!
This week I learned a lot about how the Lord talks and communicates with us.
Elder Iacopucci and the other elder who used to be here found a student at the University and he wanted to learn more! I was able to be apart of the first visit to him and it was a very humbling experience.
The reason: it was entirely in French
 I somehow managed to tell him that I was a missionary, 19 years old, and from California. But after saying all the french I know, I literally, with all honesty had nothing else to say. My companion speaks french, so after my short introduction I just sat and listened to them talk about faith and Jesus Christ.
I have never felt to useless or awkward in my life. All I could do was smile at our new friend. Thankfully I learned last week that smiling shows genuine love to others.
I have found that through this experience that the Holy Ghost, God’s messenger to us, will bring feelings of love and peace into our lives. We can say anything we want, but unless we feel it in our hearts, we won’t know something to be true.

I hope you all feel loved this week and pray that I can learn a little bit more french for our new friend!

Love Elder em