1/24 yeet

1 Month!
This week I learned a lot about how the Lord talks and communicates with us.
Elder Iacopucci and the other elder who used to be here found a student at the University and he wanted to learn more! I was able to be apart of the first visit to him and it was a very humbling experience.
The reason: it was entirely in French
 I somehow managed to tell him that I was a missionary, 19 years old, and from California. But after saying all the french I know, I literally, with all honesty had nothing else to say. My companion speaks french, so after my short introduction I just sat and listened to them talk about faith and Jesus Christ.
I have never felt to useless or awkward in my life. All I could do was smile at our new friend. Thankfully I learned last week that smiling shows genuine love to others.
I have found that through this experience that the Holy Ghost, God’s messenger to us, will bring feelings of love and peace into our lives. We can say anything we want, but unless we feel it in our hearts, we won’t know something to be true.

I hope you all feel loved this week and pray that I can learn a little bit more french for our new friend!

Love Elder em

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