Trails of Flys

This week not only did Elder Iacopucci and I get to witness a Pokemo-Go fight, but also the swarming of fly’s around our heads.

There is a nice lady who we teach by walking along the trail with. She took us along the part of the trail that is wooded and next to the river.
We put on bug-spray to protect us from the mosquitoes, but little did we know that flys are the ones that getcha out here at this time! The whole lesson consisted of flys buzzing around our heads and bothering us as we walked. We made it through the lesson, but found dead flys down our shirts and in our hair later that day hahah
I was thinking about this and how we can prepare ourselves for a trial that we know is coming. You can prepare all you want for what you think is coming, but when the time comes there is always something else there to get you.
We have to prepare ourselves for any trials we have by being grounded on something. A beautiful verse in The Book of Mormon says that if you build your rock upon the Lord, our Redeemer, when the ‘mighty whirlwinds’ come, you will be prepared for anything ahead in your path (Helaman 5:12).
I know that as we do this, we can surmount any challenge that comes our way.
I love all of you!
-Elder Em

The trail that we walked on near the river.




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