Season of LOVE


Hello Hello,
First Big Shout out to Makena and Price who will be getting married this week!!! So happy and proud of them! Also, to my dad for sending me a box full of Trader Joe goodies and treats with lots of nice notes from the groms back home!!
One thing that I learned this week was the importance of sincerely listening. We were talking to someone and part way threw the conversation I realized that I had been just nodding my head and saying, “yeah” over and over. My new companion, Elder Raveneau (From France and has been out on his mission for 18 months), told me that he has to really listen to every word when someone is speaking English to him, or he’ll be lost. This situation makes him very concentrated on the conversation and present with whomever he is speaking to.
I tried to implement this when talking to strangers and people I know at church. It has made a huge difference in my conversations with people when you are always listening and having a real conversation with someone, rather than being talked at. I love seeing this change in my life because I have felt closer to everyone I talk to and allows for more trust and friendship.
I love you all so much!

Have a wonderful week of real conversations!


Hello Hello!


What an exciting time I’ve been having out here on the mission!

Something that I’ve been able to do the last few weeks was help people start their family history! It has been quite the experience seeing people’s face light up as we connect their relatives and add to their family tree.
One person we meet said they had been praying to find out who her relatives were because she was adopted and never knew her real parents. As we worked with the information she had, we were able to find her grandparents and see copies of their records when they entered the US.
The smile on her face was contagious as she thought about where she came from. I love thinking about my family and how grateful I am to have such a loving family. Everyone should start their own family tree on family search because it really lets you feel the spirit as you learn of your history 🙂
I have began to realize what is most important to me: family, all of you, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After taking away all my distractions and living your whole life devoted to others has changed the way I want to live my life after I am done here.
New experiences and trails only make us stronger. Love is what brings happiness to the world.

S/O to everyone who sends me amazing emails and pictures. I love you all SO much. You really keep me going.