Week 2 in the ‘Chi

Week of up’s and down’s, but it’s all good in da hood
Well, I’ll start off by saying something spiritual to give you something to talk about at FHE or something… we had a lesson with an investigator who told us that he is looking for the truth! He said, “I don’t care if there is a lot of people or not- I just want to know what’s true!” It was a total answer to my prayers and exactly what I had talked and discovered for my self last week! Crazy how the Lord works like that!
On Saturday we tried this new thing were we walk around the neighborhood with a route of stopping by all the yard sales and talking to people! At one of the sales, someone had a Book of Mormon out for sale! (ironically I had a few in my bag to give away for free, I love situational irony) I asked the man who’s sale it was and he said that he hadn’t read any of it. This broke my heart and before I could say anything he told us to get out. I wanted to tell him how much it could change his life and bring happiness to him. It was the first time that I quite literally experienced the feeling of “being judged by the cover.”
I know that if he would read it- he would feel differently and would help him SO much! It made me a sad and I just want to talk to him. The Lord prepares people and I know that in time, he will hear the message of the Restoration and all will be well.
Something Funny:
 In typical fashion-  we were beginning to skype in to church yesterday and the computer started updating! We lost the call and then there we were- 11 people sitting in a room staring at a window’s loading screen. I quickly took over and said ok, let’s all sing a song. A Capella was the only choice and I lead us in a little hymn.
The computer still doing it’s thing I said ‘ok’ time for the sacrament. I began leading the song and realized that I was also in charge of breaking the bread!   Somehow I simultaneously lead the music, waddled over to the table and began breaking the bread! It was Hilarious, but have no fear I kept the spirit strong.
After the computer loaded up, and we continued with church.
Oh the memories of church over the interwebs…
Love you all,
Elder em
ps. it’s getting colder ~9 degrees so the scarfs are coming out! keep an eye out cause I am feeling like the fashion police with a suit and scarf and glasses as I drive in our V nice Nissan Rouge hahahahah. #pride


Greetings from Miramichi!

Hello beautiful people!

Just a quick update on my life out here in Canada! I was just transferred to Miramichi, New Brunswick- beautiful little town nestled along a river with trees for as far as the eye can see!
My new companion is Elder Shambrook from Carmarthen, Wales!! He had me try some sauce from the UK called ‘HP’ It’s kinda like a mix between ketchup and jam. Not my favorite, but I thought I would give it a try!
In Miramichi we have 6 active members- making it a TWIG! Shout-out to Kate Hargadon and her experience in Tennessee serving in a twig! Basically what that entitles is that we get to skype into church! What a strange experience, being on skype for 3 hours and learning and sharing testimony about the gospel!
I was a little nervous when I got here because I was afraid that it would be awkward to invite someone to church with only 6 people! But I prayed and read about the pioneer’s and all they went through so they could worship. I came to realize that when you know that the gospel is true, it doesn’t matter is there are 6 or 400 people in sacrament because church is for YOU! I shouldn’t feel awkward inviting someone to church because of the numbers, I should feel excited because they will be able to feel the Holy Spirit!
I am laughing to myself right now because there are more people who will get this email than there are in this branch/ twig!
Staying grateful! Good times in the Maritimes…
Love Elder Em
I always love hearing from you!
360 Sunset Ave #4
Miramichi, New Brunswick E1V 1A4

Au revoir to Dieppe

Sad to say that I will be leaving my first area Dieppe, and moving to Miramichi New Brunswick! It’s a small town with 5 members so it should be a fun one! I meet my new companion tomorrow and we’ll be off!
We saw a miracle this week while preparing a recent convert to attend the Temple on Friday! I was helping him with his family history and we spend hours trying to find a name that he could take to the temple and preform the ordinance of Baptism and Confirmation for them. We looked through many records and found his ancestor’s immigration documents and then his family tree line exploded!
It was incredible to see the joy on his face as generations of family members filled into his family tree. It made me think about how much I love my family and all my ancestors. I know that they are watching and helping me today. I invite you all to find the Spirit of Elijah and do Family History! It’s so fun and interesting!
I love and miss all of you so much!

Elder Em

Lobster anyone?

Another exciting week of miracles!
Shower thoughts:
A good friend that we are teaching gave the amazing example of how living the commandments is similar to just getting into bed and having to pee. You lay there for a few moments with the obvious pro’s and con’s flowing through your mind. Often we think that if we just try and fall asleep our innate need to pee will just go away. However, we all know that either sometime during the night, or morning we wake up and are about to wet the bed!!!
If we take the less appealing path at night and use the washroom, then we know we can have the peaceful feeling of falling asleep knowing that we can rest well. We are faced with hard decisions that force us out of our comfort zones to do things that aren’t appealing at the time, but will bring us so much joy and happiness if we just do it!
I have been trying to apply this idea into my daily life, taking that harder right instead of the easier path, knowing that the harder decision will have to be faced sometime in the future. I’ve seen a difference in my mind as I go throughout my day with a clear conscious, without having a lingering job that must be done later.
Fun thoughts:
This week we went to the World Largest Lobster!!! #loveit I’m pretty sure that New Brunswick prides itself in having the strangest ‘Largest, longest, oldest” collections of monuments. HAhaha I took lots of selfies cause I found this new feature on my camera that takes a picture every time you smile at it! Canon knows its customer’s needs!
Elder Em

August 29, 2016

Another week out here in Dieppe, Nouveau Brunswick!!
Funny things that have crossed my mind:
-Getting to eat sushi and realizing how much I love it!!
-teaching 5 lessons, that’s a lot for us!
-eating a donut and remembering how I gave them up for a year. What was I thinking?!?
Grateful time:
-being a missionary and only having an hour for meals makes me value the time that I had eating around the dinner table and preparing food with my family
-Having an education- being able to spell and write
-Having a mom that is obsessed with flossing because seriously so many people I see I just want to run up and floss their teeth for them!
Spiritual stuff:
I’ve been praying a lot more recently. I read the scripture, “And they did pray continually unto the Lord their God continually, insomuch that the Lord did bless them… so that they did wax strong and prosper in the land.” Alma 62:51
S/o to Phil Taylor for sending me the most amazing package ever! And every one who sends e-mails and letters!
Elder Em