August 29, 2016

Another week out here in Dieppe, Nouveau Brunswick!!
Funny things that have crossed my mind:
-Getting to eat sushi and realizing how much I love it!!
-teaching 5 lessons, that’s a lot for us!
-eating a donut and remembering how I gave them up for a year. What was I thinking?!?
Grateful time:
-being a missionary and only having an hour for meals makes me value the time that I had eating around the dinner table and preparing food with my family
-Having an education- being able to spell and write
-Having a mom that is obsessed with flossing because seriously so many people I see I just want to run up and floss their teeth for them!
Spiritual stuff:
I’ve been praying a lot more recently. I read the scripture, “And they did pray continually unto the Lord their God continually, insomuch that the Lord did bless them… so that they did wax strong and prosper in the land.” Alma 62:51
S/o to Phil Taylor for sending me the most amazing package ever! And every one who sends e-mails and letters!
Elder Em


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