Lobster anyone?

Another exciting week of miracles!
Shower thoughts:
A good friend that we are teaching gave the amazing example of how living the commandments is similar to just getting into bed and having to pee. You lay there for a few moments with the obvious pro’s and con’s flowing through your mind. Often we think that if we just try and fall asleep our innate need to pee will just go away. However, we all know that either sometime during the night, or morning we wake up and are about to wet the bed!!!
If we take the less appealing path at night and use the washroom, then we know we can have the peaceful feeling of falling asleep knowing that we can rest well. We are faced with hard decisions that force us out of our comfort zones to do things that aren’t appealing at the time, but will bring us so much joy and happiness if we just do it!
I have been trying to apply this idea into my daily life, taking that harder right instead of the easier path, knowing that the harder decision will have to be faced sometime in the future. I’ve seen a difference in my mind as I go throughout my day with a clear conscious, without having a lingering job that must be done later.
Fun thoughts:
This week we went to the World Largest Lobster!!! #loveit I’m pretty sure that New Brunswick prides itself in having the strangest ‘Largest, longest, oldest” collections of monuments. HAhaha I took lots of selfies cause I found this new feature on my camera that takes a picture every time you smile at it! Canon knows its customer’s needs!
Elder Em

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