Au revoir to Dieppe

Sad to say that I will be leaving my first area Dieppe, and moving to Miramichi New Brunswick! It’s a small town with 5 members so it should be a fun one! I meet my new companion tomorrow and we’ll be off!
We saw a miracle this week while preparing a recent convert to attend the Temple on Friday! I was helping him with his family history and we spend hours trying to find a name that he could take to the temple and preform the ordinance of Baptism and Confirmation for them. We looked through many records and found his ancestor’s immigration documents and then his family tree line exploded!
It was incredible to see the joy on his face as generations of family members filled into his family tree. It made me think about how much I love my family and all my ancestors. I know that they are watching and helping me today. I invite you all to find the Spirit of Elijah and do Family History! It’s so fun and interesting!
I love and miss all of you so much!

Elder Em

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