Greetings from Miramichi!

Hello beautiful people!

Just a quick update on my life out here in Canada! I was just transferred to Miramichi, New Brunswick- beautiful little town nestled along a river with trees for as far as the eye can see!
My new companion is Elder Shambrook from Carmarthen, Wales!! He had me try some sauce from the UK called ‘HP’ It’s kinda like a mix between ketchup and jam. Not my favorite, but I thought I would give it a try!
In Miramichi we have 6 active members- making it a TWIG! Shout-out to Kate Hargadon and her experience in Tennessee serving in a twig! Basically what that entitles is that we get to skype into church! What a strange experience, being on skype for 3 hours and learning and sharing testimony about the gospel!
I was a little nervous when I got here because I was afraid that it would be awkward to invite someone to church with only 6 people! But I prayed and read about the pioneer’s and all they went through so they could worship. I came to realize that when you know that the gospel is true, it doesn’t matter is there are 6 or 400 people in sacrament because church is for YOU! I shouldn’t feel awkward inviting someone to church because of the numbers, I should feel excited because they will be able to feel the Holy Spirit!
I am laughing to myself right now because there are more people who will get this email than there are in this branch/ twig!
Staying grateful! Good times in the Maritimes…
Love Elder Em
I always love hearing from you!
360 Sunset Ave #4
Miramichi, New Brunswick E1V 1A4

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