Well hello hello!
In case you missed the superbowl of missionaries this week, here’s my 2 cents from the amazing General Conference!
General Conference happens twice a year, it is a conference held in Salt Lake City where the living Prophet, and his Apostles speak to us and share what we can do to improve ourselves 🙂
My favorite talk was from Dean M. Davies. I don’t really know why, but while I was listening to his talk on ‘worshiping’ and how we need to sincerely live what we do.
I took his idea of thinking and applied it to my life right now. Am I going through the motions of being a missionary? or am I truly serving the Lord? Do I give my all? or do it cause I have to?
I was thinking about my life (aka all I do out here in small town New Brunswick) and thought about the times when I passively spent my time doing what ever was needed of me. Then I thought about when I actively put my heart into my activities and life!
If you have the mindset that you are going to ‘worship’ each day and live it to the fullest then you are going to be SO Happy!! I tried to do this this past week and it showed! I was happier, woke up with energy, and had success as a missionary!
We had 2 people come and watch General Conference with us! They loved hearing the words of the Prophet and Apostles! What a glorious time to be alive!
I love you all SO much!
Elder Em

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