Wait what, it’s thanksgiving?

What a week! We had so much fun picking apples on p-day on this beautiful farm! Such a joy 🙂
We did lots of service this week and it really showed me that helping others brings so much happiness to yourself! I was felling sad earlier this week as we were being rejected over and over. The next day I said that we needed to serve, so we went to the nursing home and talk to some super cute old people and I just loved hearing all their stories! Then we helped serve food at the United Church’s soup kitchen. I just loved it so much! It made me appreciate life!
Then we did service for this man named Mr. Mcdonald. Kid you not, he has a farm and we picked potatoes! I felt like such a farmer it was hilarious! He had us over for supper and it was unbelievable! Everything came from their farm and his cute mom made it all from scratch-rolls, potatoes, gravy, beef from their cows! And to top it all off- homemade apple pie with ice cream made with cream from their cow’s milk! Wow I was in heaven!
It’s thanksgiving today here in Canada and it again reminds me of how grateful I am for life and all my blessings! Try and count all the blessings you see in your life! It makes the day SO much better and happier!
Have a blessed and grateful life!
Elder em

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