Praying Rest The Weary

Spiritual note:
Many people that we meet with talk about how they have a strong spiritual connection. Yoga and other forms of relaxation is what they do as a way to feel more peace. In a lesson we had this week with a beautiful family, our message was this: Prayer is a form of meditation.
It truly is.
Prayer is not to be recited. Prayer is a time when you get to talk to your divine Heavenly Creator. To express you feelings of gratitude, sorrow, concern, and love. Prayer is a time to ask questions. To receive guidance from the Holy Spirit as to how to live more in accordance with the Gospel.
I was blessed to be able to hear a simple, humble prayer this week. It made me ponder about how I can connect with Heavenly Father in a way that shows my humility and love to Him.
I invite you all to prayer, by yourself, and offer your heart to be touched.
I know that by doing so you will feel more comfort in your life. Read this 🙂
Funny story of the week: We ate some Poutine at Costco this week and someone came up to us and asked if we were with the Secret Service….. Oh the things people say to you when you wear a suit in public!
Love Elder em

Skip A Beat

Skip a beat, story of the week:
A neighbor of ours told us to ask this sweet old couple a few blocks away if we could rake their leaves. We went over and told them that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and were here to rake their leaves for free! The man seemed a bit precocious and told us to come back on Saturday.
 Well, we came back as stated to find the wife answering the door this time. She said, “you’re really here?!” We said, “YES, where are the rakes?” She then told us that not 2 minutes after we left their house earlier in the week did the man who we talked to had a HEART ATTACK! He was in the hospital and will be having surgery tomorrow! She asked, “are you sure you want to rake the leaves?” We said yes and worked for 3 hours, getting 15 HUGE bags of leaves.
After we were done, the woman gave us cookies and drinks and thanked us profusely! We will be going back for STEAK dinner later next week. The Lord works in mysterious and amazing ways!
Spiritual Note:
 This week’s thought comes from the Holy Bible. Ecclesiastes 7:9 I have been working on being calm even in frustrating times. I stumbled upon this scripture and it made me realize that getting angry does nothing. I have been taking my feelings that lead to anger and turning them into action plans! I have found that making goals and plans to become more Christlike has helped me become the person I want to be 🙂
Blessing of the week: We had 13 people at church yesterday! It was TUBULAR!

The Stage Was Calling

Good word for the week:
Every week we sing at a non-denominational choir and this past week we had a performance! My days of PCS Fusion Dance company came flooding back into my mind as I stepped onto the stage and the lights beamed against my face. It was a little different not getting ready to jump and flip and kick around the stage, but I really smiled my heart out while singing the songs!
On the 11th, it’s Canadian Remembrance Day and the show was for all the veterans in Miramichi. We sang about war memories and what these men and women went through for out freedom. I am honored by the men and women who serve both in the US and Canada.
It made me think about how one of the reasons they defend us is for our religious freedom. The stories of the Mormon Pioneers and what they did for religious freedom is inspiring. Reflecting on that feeling made me more grateful for my life and how blessed I am.
Coincidence of the week:
We wanted to help out one of our neighbors this week and so we prayed to find out which house we should go and rake the leaves for. We felt prompted to go to this one house a few blocks away. One day we say someone in the house and we got out of our car and knocked and asked if we could rake his leaves.
He  told us that he didn’t have any money to pay us. We told him we were doing it for free. Teary-eyed he then proceeded to tell us about his back surgery 2 months ago and how he didn’t know who was going to clean his yard before the snow. Coincidence?
All the Best,
Elder Em

Three’s a crowd!

New adventure at every corner!
I am in a Trio with my old companion Elder Shambrook, and I’m also with a new missionary Elder Giebel! He is from Ogden, Utah! He’s a brand new missionary and is already doing so great!
#blessup of the week: Elder Giebel loves yoga! Finally someone who understands my desire to stretch!
Funny quotes of the week: “You boys should go into the downtown area and help all those diabetics or something”  – old lady’s response to asking if there was anyone we could help.
Spiritual Note:
In church this week we talked about how the Sabbath is a delight. He explained how it is important to have a day where we do things that show our love to the Savior. Sunday is not just a day of rest, but a day bringing us closer together as families. One principle stuck out to me in particular,
“You lose trust when you don’t live the principles that you teach”
I have taken this in and really tried to apply it to my life as a missionary, but also as a disciple of Christ and citizen of the World. What areas’s do I struggle with? What do I teach, but not follow.
Asking myself these questions has opened my eyes and is helping me to improve. It’s hard and humbles yourself, but I’ve noticed it increases my ability to love others for their strengths.

Falling falling falling

Funny quote of the week: “Kangaroos are humanized bunnies!”
Only in Miramichi: So the area that I’m working in is very large (in land size, not population), so naturally we drive to other small towns to visit people… well this week we went so far north we saw Quebec! *you find these sorts of things amusing as a missionary*
Spiritual High:
I was able to go on exchanges this week and we traveled to a small town called Dalhousie Junction. We went there because a new member in my last area told me to go and visit his sister! She’s married and has a son. We knocked on their door and at first they said to go away, but then we told her that her brother had told us to come and say hi. Her demeanor totally changed and she let us right in!
We were able to visit and talk to them for over an hour. Her and her husband both accepted the invitation to read The Book of Mormon and pray to ask if it is true. This was a BIG miracle for us! There are 2 things I learned from this meeting.
1. That when a member or anyone asks the missionaries to visit someone, it makes the initial contact at least 10-X smoother and less awkward.
2. Trust is build from having a mutual connection, allowing us to share our message and have the person be comfortable to hear what we share.
I had always known this to be true, but being able to experience it allowed to have a firm testimony of it!
I love you all and I hope you continually read and pray to know if The Book of Mormon is true!
Elder em