Falling falling falling

Funny quote of the week: “Kangaroos are humanized bunnies!”
Only in Miramichi: So the area that I’m working in is very large (in land size, not population), so naturally we drive to other small towns to visit people… well this week we went so far north we saw Quebec! *you find these sorts of things amusing as a missionary*
Spiritual High:
I was able to go on exchanges this week and we traveled to a small town called Dalhousie Junction. We went there because a new member in my last area told me to go and visit his sister! She’s married and has a son. We knocked on their door and at first they said to go away, but then we told her that her brother had told us to come and say hi. Her demeanor totally changed and she let us right in!
We were able to visit and talk to them for over an hour. Her and her husband both accepted the invitation to read The Book of Mormon and pray to ask if it is true. This was a BIG miracle for us! There are 2 things I learned from this meeting.
1. That when a member or anyone asks the missionaries to visit someone, it makes the initial contact at least 10-X smoother and less awkward.
2. Trust is build from having a mutual connection, allowing us to share our message and have the person be comfortable to hear what we share.
I had always known this to be true, but being able to experience it allowed to have a firm testimony of it!
I love you all and I hope you continually read and pray to know if The Book of Mormon is true!
Elder em

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