The Stage Was Calling

Good word for the week:
Every week we sing at a non-denominational choir and this past week we had a performance! My days of PCS Fusion Dance company came flooding back into my mind as I stepped onto the stage and the lights beamed against my face. It was a little different not getting ready to jump and flip and kick around the stage, but I really smiled my heart out while singing the songs!
On the 11th, it’s Canadian Remembrance Day and the show was for all the veterans in Miramichi. We sang about war memories and what these men and women went through for out freedom. I am honored by the men and women who serve both in the US and Canada.
It made me think about how one of the reasons they defend us is for our religious freedom. The stories of the Mormon Pioneers and what they did for religious freedom is inspiring. Reflecting on that feeling made me more grateful for my life and how blessed I am.
Coincidence of the week:
We wanted to help out one of our neighbors this week and so we prayed to find out which house we should go and rake the leaves for. We felt prompted to go to this one house a few blocks away. One day we say someone in the house and we got out of our car and knocked and asked if we could rake his leaves.
He  told us that he didn’t have any money to pay us. We told him we were doing it for free. Teary-eyed he then proceeded to tell us about his back surgery 2 months ago and how he didn’t know who was going to clean his yard before the snow. Coincidence?
All the Best,
Elder Em

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