Three’s a crowd!

New adventure at every corner!
I am in a Trio with my old companion Elder Shambrook, and I’m also with a new missionary Elder Giebel! He is from Ogden, Utah! He’s a brand new missionary and is already doing so great!
#blessup of the week: Elder Giebel loves yoga! Finally someone who understands my desire to stretch!
Funny quotes of the week: “You boys should go into the downtown area and help all those diabetics or something”  – old lady’s response to asking if there was anyone we could help.
Spiritual Note:
In church this week we talked about how the Sabbath is a delight. He explained how it is important to have a day where we do things that show our love to the Savior. Sunday is not just a day of rest, but a day bringing us closer together as families. One principle stuck out to me in particular,
“You lose trust when you don’t live the principles that you teach”
I have taken this in and really tried to apply it to my life as a missionary, but also as a disciple of Christ and citizen of the World. What areas’s do I struggle with? What do I teach, but not follow.
Asking myself these questions has opened my eyes and is helping me to improve. It’s hard and humbles yourself, but I’ve noticed it increases my ability to love others for their strengths.

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