Skip A Beat

Skip a beat, story of the week:
A neighbor of ours told us to ask this sweet old couple a few blocks away if we could rake their leaves. We went over and told them that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and were here to rake their leaves for free! The man seemed a bit precocious and told us to come back on Saturday.
 Well, we came back as stated to find the wife answering the door this time. She said, “you’re really here?!” We said, “YES, where are the rakes?” She then told us that not 2 minutes after we left their house earlier in the week did the man who we talked to had a HEART ATTACK! He was in the hospital and will be having surgery tomorrow! She asked, “are you sure you want to rake the leaves?” We said yes and worked for 3 hours, getting 15 HUGE bags of leaves.
After we were done, the woman gave us cookies and drinks and thanked us profusely! We will be going back for STEAK dinner later next week. The Lord works in mysterious and amazing ways!
Spiritual Note:
 This week’s thought comes from the Holy Bible. Ecclesiastes 7:9 I have been working on being calm even in frustrating times. I stumbled upon this scripture and it made me realize that getting angry does nothing. I have been taking my feelings that lead to anger and turning them into action plans! I have found that making goals and plans to become more Christlike has helped me become the person I want to be 🙂
Blessing of the week: We had 13 people at church yesterday! It was TUBULAR!

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