Praying Rest The Weary

Spiritual note:
Many people that we meet with talk about how they have a strong spiritual connection. Yoga and other forms of relaxation is what they do as a way to feel more peace. In a lesson we had this week with a beautiful family, our message was this: Prayer is a form of meditation.
It truly is.
Prayer is not to be recited. Prayer is a time when you get to talk to your divine Heavenly Creator. To express you feelings of gratitude, sorrow, concern, and love. Prayer is a time to ask questions. To receive guidance from the Holy Spirit as to how to live more in accordance with the Gospel.
I was blessed to be able to hear a simple, humble prayer this week. It made me ponder about how I can connect with Heavenly Father in a way that shows my humility and love to Him.
I invite you all to prayer, by yourself, and offer your heart to be touched.
I know that by doing so you will feel more comfort in your life. Read this 🙂
Funny story of the week: We ate some Poutine at Costco this week and someone came up to us and asked if we were with the Secret Service….. Oh the things people say to you when you wear a suit in public!
Love Elder em

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