Bump Day

highlight of the week: being in a parade and falling on ice in front of a lot of people. I guess all my dance skills have left my body…
LOL of the week/ new insight to my brain: On Thursday we had a huge storm and amongst the wild, snow, rain, and hail the sisters in our area dropped their apartment, car, mailbox, and church keys in the snow….
Commence the search for keys at 8pm!
1 hour of searching lead to a mess of frozen hair and teardrops. It lead to the situation of us and the sisters sharing our car. It has made me really appreciate the automobile and the technological revolution! Every set of missionaries in this mission has a car, and so this was a real #1worldmissionproblems
Because of this incident I have gained such a strong testimony of sharing, and being able to work in unity. Life is about trade-offs. One thing for another. Changing our plans, and sitting in the middle of the back seat has made me feel blessed for the car we have.  As simple as sharing a car is, it made me thankful for the opportunity to plan and act as a team!
I looked at the situation and thought about how Christ would want me to think and act with having to share a valuable resource.
This season, may we all do what is right, share what we have, and love those who make mistakes.
Elder Em

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