Joyeux Noel!

DECEMBER 26, 2016
Shout out to: Capitola Ward/ Primary, Haruyo/ Tracy Pearson, Charlene Wenworth, Baba and Papa, Grandma June, My family, and everyone else for the amazing presents and letters!!! It was a glorious Christmas!!
Lesson from Christmas 2016:

On Christmas morning we had a man who said he wanted to come to church. We had arranged him a ride and checked to make sure on Christmas eve that he still wanted to come. We went to his place before the ride came to make sure he was ready. As we walked into his home we found 2 random people asleep on the floor of his living room. Half-asleep, these teenagers said that our friend wouldn’t be up for church.
I pondered this little situation and thought about sad it is that these strangers didn’t even have a bed. These boys were away from home and sleeping on the floor of this man’s apartment.
When I thought it was hard for me, to be away from my family this Christmas, I was instantly reminded that I have a bed, warmth, and many many people who love and care for me.
We made a delicious meal with 4 other missionaries and I loved being able to see my family via the inter-webs!
Love, Elder Em

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