Sore as a Couch

DECEMBER 12, 2016
Parable of the week: Our apartment is a little old and has 1 ratty love-seat couch, so when one of our former investigators said they were getting rid of their old couch we jumped on it!
We picked it up and squeezed half of it into our car and drove home very preciously. The two of us struggled to twist, turn, flip this couch up 3 flights of stairs to our apartment door. *note this is one of those couches with a mattress thing in in- making it very heavy*
After a exhausting 45 minutes of trying and trying ans trying we could not get the couch through the door and around the corner into our apartment. It was a sad moment of defeat. We sat there tired and out of breath, defeated by this couch.
The next morning we woke up, the couch still in the hallway and our bodies un-movable. We were both so sore. It hurt to write with our pens. My for-arms were the tightest they have honestly been in my whole life. no joke. This couch had taken we down. All I can say is thank goodness it was Sunday because we didn’t have to exercise!
I reflected on this moment- sore elder em, with a couch in the hallway of our apartment, with this face -__-
What could I take out of this situation: sometimes even when you try and are beaten, you still won’t get what you want.
I’ve learned that it’s hard to accept failure and defeat, even when you’ve done all you can. This happens to everyone in life at some points. I won’t always win. The Lord is in control- and for us, the couch was just not supposed to get into our apartment.
Let Christ into your heart to help you through these times and you will know that everything will be fine.
Elder Em


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