Lay Down the Law

January 30, 2017

An inspiring week here in the mission field. There was a big change in our daily schedule and it’s been pretty positive overall. The hard part is only having 30 minutes for lunch instead of an hour. But it’s ok because now we have companionship study when we think it would be the best. Overall it’s pretty great and I like it. The mornings are nice.
Elder Breinholt and I are having such a blast together. We are over the stewardship of 15 companionships and it is neat to see how I can help other missionaries come to love the work. It is a true blessing that I have been given the talent of motivating others. In our Sunday School lesson last week we all wrote down talents that the Lord has blessed us with. While at first I was apprehensive, not wanting to seem prideful, I continued on with the exercise. It made me realize that I have been SO blessed.
He wants us all to succeed. To thrive in our own unique ways. While your talents may be small, they are YOURS.
Cool story this week was that we had a Arabic family with 7 kids come to church!! They are super precious and it’s difficult to talk to them. Their kids speak french and I am trying to channel some of my retained french. Basically it’s going like this. The parents speak arabic to the kids, the kids speak french to me, I speak english to the rest of the missionaries, and then it goes back. Hahah It’s super funny and stressful at the same time! Pray for us!
Love everyone!
All my favorite people from Miramichi!!

Fredericton Round 1

January 23, 2017

News update: I have a new companion, Elder Brienholt. He is from Gilbert Arizona and is great fun! We both danced, played sports, and love to have fun- it’s going to be a blast! He’s been out for 20 months and is super awesome!
Story time: Give testimony, get feed.
This Sunday I was able to go to my new ward in Fredericton, New Brunswick! It is so neat here! Such a great city with cool vibes and a thriving farmers market! (YES!)
The bishop asked me to introduce myself at the beginning of Sacrament meeting, so I said my name, age, where I was from and Bore my testimony. After I sat down I thought about how I probably should have said my hobbies, past area’s, life goals, a tid-bit about my family… I was smacking my self in the head over this the rest of the meeting.
BUT, right after sacrament a nice member walked up to me and asked if we would be able to come over for dinner that night. At dinner, they said that missionaries in the past, when asked to introduce themselves, would share what I thought I SHOULD have said. My simple testimony was enough for them to think, “we should have them over to learn more about him”.
I know that sharing my testimony is what I am here to do. Testify that Christ lives and love you. That the Gospel of Jesus Christ is real. The Book of Mormon is the Word of God, and that we have a living prophet here today!
I love you all!
zaa dud


Au Revoir to the ‘Chi


Saying goodbye to Miramichi will be hard. After 4.5 months in a town with a population smaller than my university, I have come to love being in a small community where most people you meet know someone else that you have met.
My final lesson that I am taking away from living, working, and loving Miramichi is this: Enduring to the End is a true principle that requires diligence and hard work.
One of the 4 active members of the church here has lived this principle for me to see. Faithfully, she serves her duties and continues from grace to grace, acting in love and charity for others. She continually repents- finds ways to improve- to live her life in higher accordance with the Savior’s teachings.
From her efforts, she will be blessed and I to will be able to endure life’s trials by patterning my life to hers.
I am excited for my new adventure in Fredericton, New Brunswick.
Elder em

‘Chi Worthy

January 9, 2017

Cool story of the week:
A few weeks ago we met this woman named Nagy. She is Hungarian and moved to Canada for a better life. We originally went over to help start her family history, but while the app was downloading- she began to ask questions. She asked about the Book of Mormon, what it contained, and if she could read it. At the end of our discussion she prayed that she would be able to find an answer to her questions about our purpose on life and if the Book of Mormon is true.
Her 3 beautiful kids were watching Finding Dory in the living room, trying to learn English with the subtitles. She bakes treats and her husband is a truck driver to support their family. The initial interest in family history brought the Light of Christ into her home and we were able to teach them.
She is truly humble. She is grateful for each day of her life. I am excited to see her learn more.
I titled this email ” ‘Chi worthy” because I saw some one wearing a jacket the other day saying, “are you ‘chi worthy?”  I thought about this and what it means to be worthy of the little town of Miramichi, New Brunswick? My university has more students than residents here…. what must I do to gain the trust of this town.
 Then I thought, what am I doing to be worthy of Jesus Christ? I wear His name on my tag every day. How can I improve my self everyday to be worthy of His work and Glory. Just some thoughts from Elder Em.

Love Elder em

Igloo & 2017

January 2, 2017

I heard that when you tell someone your goals/ resolutions you are much more prone to do them. Thus I will tell all the world what I am working on for the next 364 days…
Goals for 2017:
-No soda
-Learn, study, and apply the attributes of patience and meekness.
-Use a study journal to record thoughts and impressions
-Say YES to life! (As appropriate for missionaries as possible)
Fun story of the ‘chi: Well again this week, church was a little interesting… There was a snow storm and no one wanted to drive on the roads. However, I said we would not go without partaking of the sacrament!
The plan for achieving this was to walk to the closest members home and hold a sacrament meeting there for all who could attend. The total attendance was 5. The 4 missionaries and our lovely Sister Boland. It was the best way to start off the new year- worshiping our Savior, Jesus Christ in the home of a faithful Saint.
In missionary lingo, this is my “black year”. A year of my life that I get to spend fully serving the Lord. I could not be more excited for new trials, highlights, and joyful moments that are in my path!
Pictures: Elder Legault and I channeled our inner Boy-Scout and made a really rad igloo and I felt very Canadian.
Also, we played this HILARIOUS game called Watch ya’ Mouth! All I have to say is I’m thankful for floss and a mother who cares about my dental hygiene!
Love Elder em