‘Chi Worthy

January 9, 2017

Cool story of the week:
A few weeks ago we met this woman named Nagy. She is Hungarian and moved to Canada for a better life. We originally went over to help start her family history, but while the app was downloading- she began to ask questions. She asked about the Book of Mormon, what it contained, and if she could read it. At the end of our discussion she prayed that she would be able to find an answer to her questions about our purpose on life and if the Book of Mormon is true.
Her 3 beautiful kids were watching Finding Dory in the living room, trying to learn English with the subtitles. She bakes treats and her husband is a truck driver to support their family. The initial interest in family history brought the Light of Christ into her home and we were able to teach them.
She is truly humble. She is grateful for each day of her life. I am excited to see her learn more.
I titled this email ” ‘Chi worthy” because I saw some one wearing a jacket the other day saying, “are you ‘chi worthy?”  I thought about this and what it means to be worthy of the little town of Miramichi, New Brunswick? My university has more students than residents here…. what must I do to gain the trust of this town.
 Then I thought, what am I doing to be worthy of Jesus Christ? I wear His name on my tag every day. How can I improve my self everyday to be worthy of His work and Glory. Just some thoughts from Elder Em.

Love Elder em

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