Au Revoir to the ‘Chi


Saying goodbye to Miramichi will be hard. After 4.5 months in a town with a population smaller than my university, I have come to love being in a small community where most people you meet know someone else that you have met.
My final lesson that I am taking away from living, working, and loving Miramichi is this: Enduring to the End is a true principle that requires diligence and hard work.
One of the 4 active members of the church here has lived this principle for me to see. Faithfully, she serves her duties and continues from grace to grace, acting in love and charity for others. She continually repents- finds ways to improve- to live her life in higher accordance with the Savior’s teachings.
From her efforts, she will be blessed and I to will be able to endure life’s trials by patterning my life to hers.
I am excited for my new adventure in Fredericton, New Brunswick.
Elder em

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