Fredericton Round 1

January 23, 2017

News update: I have a new companion, Elder Brienholt. He is from Gilbert Arizona and is great fun! We both danced, played sports, and love to have fun- it’s going to be a blast! He’s been out for 20 months and is super awesome!
Story time: Give testimony, get feed.
This Sunday I was able to go to my new ward in Fredericton, New Brunswick! It is so neat here! Such a great city with cool vibes and a thriving farmers market! (YES!)
The bishop asked me to introduce myself at the beginning of Sacrament meeting, so I said my name, age, where I was from and Bore my testimony. After I sat down I thought about how I probably should have said my hobbies, past area’s, life goals, a tid-bit about my family… I was smacking my self in the head over this the rest of the meeting.
BUT, right after sacrament a nice member walked up to me and asked if we would be able to come over for dinner that night. At dinner, they said that missionaries in the past, when asked to introduce themselves, would share what I thought I SHOULD have said. My simple testimony was enough for them to think, “we should have them over to learn more about him”.
I know that sharing my testimony is what I am here to do. Testify that Christ lives and love you. That the Gospel of Jesus Christ is real. The Book of Mormon is the Word of God, and that we have a living prophet here today!
I love you all!
zaa dud



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