Lay Down the Law

January 30, 2017

An inspiring week here in the mission field. There was a big change in our daily schedule and it’s been pretty positive overall. The hard part is only having 30 minutes for lunch instead of an hour. But it’s ok because now we have companionship study when we think it would be the best. Overall it’s pretty great and I like it. The mornings are nice.
Elder Breinholt and I are having such a blast together. We are over the stewardship of 15 companionships and it is neat to see how I can help other missionaries come to love the work. It is a true blessing that I have been given the talent of motivating others. In our Sunday School lesson last week we all wrote down talents that the Lord has blessed us with. While at first I was apprehensive, not wanting to seem prideful, I continued on with the exercise. It made me realize that I have been SO blessed.
He wants us all to succeed. To thrive in our own unique ways. While your talents may be small, they are YOURS.
Cool story this week was that we had a Arabic family with 7 kids come to church!! They are super precious and it’s difficult to talk to them. Their kids speak french and I am trying to channel some of my retained french. Basically it’s going like this. The parents speak arabic to the kids, the kids speak french to me, I speak english to the rest of the missionaries, and then it goes back. Hahah It’s super funny and stressful at the same time! Pray for us!
Love everyone!
All my favorite people from Miramichi!!

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