February 6, 2017

February 6, 2017
Oh what a splendid week!
Adventure of the week:
 On the first Sunday of every month, we fast in remembrance of our Savior and to feel the spirit more in our lives. Fasting includes abstaining from Food and Drink for 2 meals.  We fast for special purposes and remind ourselves of the abundant lives that we live by donating money to those who are not able to fully support themselves. Well, we went all out this week by making Cafe Rio Pork to break our fast. Oh man it was DELICIOUS. I felt right back at home with guacamole and lime-cilantro rice!! Ah it was quite fun to use a slow cooker and make some delicious Burrito’s. I don’t know if that was much of an adventure, or just a proud moment in my life, but either way, I was pumped by it and I thought I’d share.
Spiritual High of the week:
We were able to teach this Woman who doesn’t come out to church much this week and missionaries had seen her in the past, but she had never done anything about it. This was our 3rd time over and the first visits we befriended her and really just talked and played some games with her kids. We felt that it was time to bring up the gospel and she, as times in past, said she would come to church.
I felt that this was a empty promise that she continually uses to hint to us it’s time to leave. I felt prompted to ask her if she really believed God lives? She said, yes, I’ll try to make it Sunday. Again I felt that I should ask her if she had been struggling to know if God is there for her and if she feels He looks after His children today. Teary eyed she replied with the question of, Why does God let bad things happen to innocent people?
We addressed her concern, brought the spirit in, and made her feel that love that she had been missing in her life. She came to church with 2 of her kids and was able to, for the first time in 5 years, partake of the sacrament. It was a testimony to me that as we understand that God lives, we will feel His love.

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