Survived the Blizzard

February 14, 2017

What an adventure we had that is for sure!

Yesterday we were in the biggest blizzard that I have encountered.
Being the young and slightly dumb we adventured to the blessed sanctuary of Costco Wholesale. It turned out that we were the only ones at Costco! That was something I never thought would happen.
Our encounter to get home took us 45 minutes of what should have been a <10 minute drive.
# of times getting stuck: 4
# of times having to be pulled out: 1
% of time laughing: 87%
Overall we laughed our way through and vowed to never go out when it snows 30cm in one night and winds are 50-80K/hr
Spiritual connection to the week: Laughing your way through life makes even the hard and difficult times fun. While we should have been a little smarter, we had fun and stayed safe. I learned that laughing and enjoying the struggles we all go through will make them easier to go through! I love the joy that the gospel brings into my life!

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