Life through Heaven’s eyes!

March 27, 2017

I love diversity and I am so thankful for the way God created all of us! This week I was able to visit Halifax and experience, talk to, and meet so many people from around the world. One man from China had never heard the word ‘God’ before, another German man talked to us about his Pagan belief! It felt like I was right back home in SC!
I know that God created each of us individually. That we are perfect in His eyes, and that as we embrace the beauty in everything, we can be blessed and happy.

March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017
Get out and meet someone new!!
A new train of thought was going threw my mind this week, and that is to always be looking out for the lonely. I have really gained a desire to reach out to those who look sad, or are not talking to anyone. I was to help all those who seem awkward or uncomfortable feel included.
My invitation to all and a challenge to my self is to act as the Saviour did and minister to the one. The one who is new, shy, alone. Reach out a loving hand in gratitude for what you have been given and strive to show happiness to others.
This week I reached out to a woman on the bus, by simply asking her if she was ok. Her response was no, and we had an amazing conversation about her rare bone disease. At the end of the conversation, she asked where I found my inner peace and it gave me the opportunity to share the gospel with her.
I am thankful for my Heavenly Father and all the people He has had reach out to me.
Love you all 🙂
Elder em

Think Positively :)

March 13, 2017
Hello world!
Lesson learned this week: talk nice about everyone and conditions will improve! I have experienced that as I talk nicely about everyone, my relationship to them increases. I have a deeper sense of charity and love for people as I build off their strengths and serve them. This is my new attitude I am going to take towards all that I meet, even if someone is rude to me.
It was rather chilly this week….-30 with wind… but the light of the gospel keeps me warm!
Here are some HILARIOUS pictures from leadership conference last week! I did ballet with Madsen and Ah crushed it. One legged squat got them all going. This one sister from Montana beat all the elders and it was great!


March 7, 2017

Well, some updates.
 I am with a new companion, Elder Ipson, from Centerville, Utah. He’s rad and I am pumped to be with him!! We both have high hope for the mission and we want to see some new found success and miracles.
A special opportunity for me this week was to hear from a General Authority of the Church. This is someone who is a full-time representative of Jesus Christ and travels around the world to strengthen the church and missionaries.
The message that I took from him is this: Unwearyingness. The principle of continuing to press on, when the natural man is begging you to stop.
That is my prayer and testimony today, that I can unwearying serve the Lord and give Him the glory.
Elder Em

March 1, 2017

March 1, 2017

My thoughts from the week:
1. We had a conference in Halifax and it was rad. I realized that I need to look at the principle of why I do something and help others see the ‘why’ behind our actions. Becoming a ‘principle based’ missionary. It was SO fun to see all these fun missionaries that I never get to see 🙂
2.  We all have so much potential. I realized that I need to help others realize what people can become and expect of themselves. I strongly believe that everyone can be a little better than they think. We can all always improve. I am working on myself right now, and will hopefully help others too!
3. Love the people you are around! It makes life so much better. I’ve seen the difference in my life of loving and serving those around you.