Twilingate, Newfoundland

April 25, 2017
Twilingate, Newfoundland
Adventure of the week:
Going to Twilingate Newfoundland. Pretty sweet place. I felt like I was at the end of the world. Check it out on google maps cause we were in the New World Islands baby! It reminded me that this world is beautiful and we are loved!
Spiritual High:
We have a recent convert here and she is amazing! She wasn’t responding to our text messages and when we went over to her home, she was inside reading the scriptures and said she couldn’t stop reading to message us back! It was so sweet.
She is so dedicated to feeling the spirit in her life that she won’t let anyone talk about drinking, smoking, drugs, fornication in her home. She is an example to me about how I need to always strive to have the spirit with me. If my life goal is to return to live with my Heavenly Father, then I should always be able to feel His love.
I love where I am! I love what I’m doing! Life is good!
In short:  Spirit > Worldly Pleasures.

On the ROCK!

April 18, 2017

Coming at ya live from Grandfalls, Newfoundland!!

If you are in for another weird situation here it is…
Grandfalls: 3 active members
Church: Living room of an apartment, 2 hours long
Transportation: V6 Dodge Grand Caravan
SO here’s the low down- Sunday mornings my companion and I call “the list” and see who is coming to church that day. Then we make a route and off we go! the Mini-van gets rolling, we pick up everyone for church, have church (over skype, into Cornerbrook NF) and teach a gospel class. The service concludes with everyone pilling back into the van and taking everyone home!!
Never in my life would I think that church would be in an apartment building, me chauffeuring the members and whom-ever else, and only have it be 2 hours!
My new companion: Elder Warner. Love him. From Utah and loves soccer!
Spiritual lesson:
      What I’ve learned from the first week is that we need to always take what life gives to us. Go with the flow, and love every funny, sad, or horrible situation that we are in. Even when we’re lonely, sad, embarrassed, or awkward – taking that moment, learning and growing from it and becoming a better person is what it’s all about.

Shocker of the Day

April 12, 2017

Here’s all the stuff you want to know:
-Leaving New Brunswick for the first time in 11 months.
-Now going to serve in Grand Falls, Newfoundland
-New companion is Elder Austin Warner
Lessons Learned From Fredericton:
1. People are much nicer to you talking to them on the streets than in their homes.
2. I can’t take myself so seriously.
3. Being honest, true, and trustworthy are some of my new favorite qualities.
4. Giving people responsibilities is a sign of thoughtful leadership.
Being in this large area with the beautiful ward was amazing and I am excited for the adventure to come!

Be less than three <3 not angry

April 3, 2017

 To love is better than fear. Try not to project anxiety or fear, but spread love and compassion wherever you go!
Experience: After the other elders tire popped, we helped them put on the spare instead of acting up and being crazy about being on the side of the road. Made the situation much better, and now it’s a funny moment.
Elder Em