Grandfalls, Great Faith

May 16, 2017

Hello hello to everyone!!

It’s been a couple weeks of adventure and fun out here! 

1. Saw a moose 

2. Ate Lobster

3. Sat on some icebergs! 

Spiritual note:

Reflecting on mothers day I was reminded of the Savior’s life and how He cared for all those He met. Mothers, like Jesus, have an intrinsic way of loving those they meet. I pondered this some more and thought about how often we are offended by someone, or leave our faith because of someone else. Matt 11:6, “And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.” 

We need not take offense from others as that can be the downfalls of our own spiritual nature. The 2 ways that I have thought about how to increase our ability to not be offended is by FIRST: gaining a perspective that all people are a son or daughter of God. This allows us to remember that they were a child once, they are learning just as we are, and the remark they made to us may be caused from some un-met need. SECOND: Compassion. In the very moment when someone jerks our fancy, I have found that remembering compassion and wanting to serve them allows for the comment to sink in. 

May we follow Christ’s example in the way we live our lives!! 

I love Canada, the people, the nature, the opportunity to serve!


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