Snow and SUN!!! May 23, 2017

May 23, 2017


on a cloudy day

when life seems dry

look out the window and see no birds fly

there in the distance is a house with golden windows

why is that not me

for the beauty of the sunshine

so precious, so fine

will one day come upon my windows

and make my life divine

So worry not about the others

think of the blessings within

for in the house with golden windows

those inside do whine

the day has past

now look across the valley 

at that house with golden windows 

is the one with me inside

Poem written by Elder Madsen, 9:44am, Grandfalls, Newfoundland 

I have no reason why but I felt inspired to just write a poem ahahaha

I guess that I was missing the times at PCS doing creative writing. I think there’s a message in the poem somewhere- I think it means that we may look at others and think that they have what we want, but as life goes on we often times don’t realize that we have what other people want. 

So as a final conclusion: I need to be grateful and remember not to compare myself to others.


Elder em


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