June 6, 2017

The middle, median, hump, tipping point.
At the half way point of the mission the lesson that I am beginning to understand now is that ‘Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear’
There are a few principles are prevalent with this idea.
1. Fear rarely has the power to change our hearts, and it will never turn us into people who love God and desire to obey what’s right.
I have thought about what goes into changing someone’s heart- their inner most desires and reasoning behind action. To help someone see that the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is here, we must teach and learn in love- not fear.God wants to change our personal nature to come closer to Him.
2. The Lord will fight our battles. He is not ignorant of the problems, stresses, anxieties, or sub-conscious challenges we face- He is not. However, rather than dwelling the immensity of our trials would it not be better and more enlightening to focus on the grace, goodness, and grandeur that is the love of God. He wants us to be happy. Focus on the good. Focus on trusting Him- the blessings that are readily ours!
3. We can be liberated from fear as we walk with humility, faith, and dignity as we are bold followers of Christ. Let us all be a little kinder, more forgiving, less offensive, and caring towards ourselves and our brothers and sisters.
I don’t know all the answers, but I share everyday the ones that mean the most. I LOVE THE WORK OF MISSIONARIES! I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON!
Funny section:
– In Newfoundland they call ants (like the little creatures that are small, and you spray with windex) ’emmetts’ and we were walking and this woman goes, “look at all those emmetts!’ I was very confused to say the least, but thought it was funny!
-Went to a beautiful place called  Eastport/ sandy cove.
– I ❤ Icebergs!
204 Brownlow Ave Unit 155
Dartmouth NS B3B 0M4

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