Conference and Dinners

April 3, 2018
Had a stellar week, full of dinners, conference and teaching. Kayla is going to be baptized next week! We are so excited for her and we taught our final lesson yesterday! I love her and her family! General Conference was full of surprises and exciting times! Time to increase my spiritual capacity and grow stronger in my testimony of Christ!
This week will be exciting as our car will be in the body shop all week! We will be biking everywhere and so that will be a real real fun time! hahah We live about 30mins via bike away from the nearest town. So I am very excited to be getting extra fit and tired.
Went to the New Brunswick Museum today- the first museum on my mission! I was enthrolled with the ship building section.
Talk to you next week with pictures of the baptism!

Still singing through life!

March 28, 2018

Hello Everyone!

I know its been a long minute, but here is a quick update on my journey in Atlantic Canada!
I am currently serving in a town called Hampton, New Brunswick. My companion is Elder Swainson and he’s from Alberta! Hampton’s about 25 minutes away from a much larger city, Saint John. We travel to Saint John on our exploration days and see lots of cool sights. This week we visited the large indoor market that goes on everyday. We’ve been to an old tower used in the revolutionary war, and the downtown market square area!
Spiritual things:
I have been recently finished the Book of Mormon after reading it with a question in my mind of, “How can I develop more patience?” This has been a truly eye-opening read because I have been able to learn about our Christ taught about this attribute and how we can apply it in our own lives. I am learning that patience is strongly connected with Faith, and faith is always pointed to the future. I can trust my loving Heavenly Father in knowing that what lies ahead can and will be much better than my mistakes and shortcomings in the past. I have patience in not getting frustrated at myself when it appears positive change isn’t happening.
As you take a moment to look at the bigger perspective, you are able to discover the mighty change that has happened in your life over time. I am beginning to see this more and more with myself. I invite you to ponder on the same question I did and let me know what you find!
Exciting things: 

We are teaching a wonderful family and they are loving learning the gospel of Jesus Christ. The father has been a member his whole life and the mother converted in Hong Kong about 8 years ago. We are teaching their daughter and she wants to be baptized in about 2 weeks! So this is very exciting!
We hosted a talent/ variety show last week and I will attach the video of me and the daughter doing a little duet! It was such a Blast!
B3B 0M4

Big Show coming up!

March 20, 2018

So busy busy week here in Hampton!!

Tonight we are having an Elders Quorum Activity, Thursday we have our Cooking Class- Tacos! Friday we have Volleyball Night, and Saturday we are having a Ward VARIETY SHOW!! So get ready for a little video of me singing a song with one of our investigators!
We have had such an amazing week teaching our favorite family! They feed us at every lesson and it is so spectacular. They came to church and we the speakers were amazing. In our lesson yesterday they talked about how they want to be sealed in the Temple! A goal of mine too! Heavenly Father really is blessing His children with a desire to grow closer to Him and repent and change!
We had a giant snow storm last week and so we had to stay in for a day. The following day we were driving home and a guy on an ATV reversed out of his driveway and hit the side of our car! #gnarly! It was a little scary as I was on the side of the car that he rammed into, but we are all ok! Protected.
I am loving the Book of Mormon! I am reading it so much with all the time we have at nights and in the mornings! It is from God! YES! I love life and I love serving!
pictures: Today we explored the Saint John Sign and bunker fort- pretty fun! Still cold here, but I’m only here for 2.5 more months so I am living it up as much as I can!

Snow Storms

March 14, 2018

Heyyyooo everyone! This week there has been tons of Snow. Wet wet snow. It’s been kinda hard to get going but once you’re out there it’s a blast and pretty fun.

One lesson that I am learning though observation is the power in self control. With food, desires, habits, and others. When we can learn to control ourselves and not be objects to things or behaviours we can feel very secure in ourselves. Knowing that you have the ability to choose what you want and live to the standards you set is inspiring!
We are teaching and visiting with a wonderful family and their daughter wants to be baptised in April! I’ll include some pictures of our last visit with them! I love them!
I will be staying in Hampton with elder Swainson another transfer and I am excited to see what we can do together again!
Much love,
Elder Em

Coming to the Saviour

March 6, 2018

This week was full of ups and downs. I think that I was able to see more like my Saviour Jesus Christ sees this past week more than any other. As you watch and observe those who are struggling, your heart grows and develops in a new way. In a sense I can take a step back and see how choices affect happiness.
We are teaching a few people and seeing their lives be lifted by the gospel of Jesus Christ is amazing! Every time we visit with one of our families I can see the difference in their eyes as they are coming closer and closer to Christ.
I love being a missionary and I love choosing to be grateful in my circumstances! Life is full of changes, the trick for me is to thank Heavenly Father for the ride! I love the ride!
Elder Madsen

February 27, 2018


Every time someone turns 16 all I can think about is Hillary Duff’s song… sweet 16, gonna spread my wings, sweet 16, it’s my chance to shine, sweet 16, discovering sweet 16!!!

Oh wow how did I pull that one out? #spirit
This week was awesome as usual. We found this new mother and daughter who we began visiting. She was praying the God would come to her. She wanted to understand God and the Bible and her plan and then we knocked on her door! Wow God truly does lead us to those who are ready to hear and be blessed by His restored Gospel.
I have been praying and fasting a lot about how I can find success and feel successful. I was comforted by the spirit knowing that all things will happen in the Lord’s timing. If I continue to trust Him, work hard, obey with a cheerful heart, and LOVE everyone I meet He will bless us!
I know God fulfills His promises and can bring peace to our hearts in difficult times!
Also blessing because it hasn’t been too snowy lately and I am loving that! I bet snow will come in the next couple weeks because I said that!
Elder Em

February 21, 2018

February 21, 2018
Anywho well this week was awesome!!
To start we had a balling family party on New Brunswick’s Family Day. We had 2 member families and a previous investigator family together! The best part is that all the wives are Phillipino and so we had THE BEST food- and Tons to spare!
We made some fun crafts and did a magic trick for all the kids and it was just amazing! I’ll attach some pictures. I love doing fun events like this because it’s what Christ’s gospel is all about- being with and strengthening the family.
The woman from last weeks miracle story also taught me a powerful lesson this week… She called us later in the week and said she didn’t want to meet anymore *cue feelings of sadness*. Everything seemed perfect, and she knew that what we were teaching is true. I was very sad for 2 days after that. I was sad because I knew the impact and hope that our message would bring to her and her family. After prayer and notes and fasting for her and her again saying she didn’t want to learn more I learned this lesson: I must not lose hope.
Sometimes my hope is dependant on the success of someone else’s agency. My hope is in the promises of Jesus Christ and what He can do for me, in my life. That there will be a better tomorrow. That I can be happy because there was a reason for our interaction.
This has brought me peace in the last few days.
Side note: We Recieved our smartphones and we are allowed to use facebook to chat with people about the church online. So you’ll see I’ve changed my name and will be posting on there more!
Love Elder Em.