December 11, 2017

December 11, 2017

So another busy week here in halifaaaax

We had exchanges with 3 zone leaders so that was awesome and tiring. basically what we do is street contact with them and teach lessons and just go super hard. I think that biggest things I’ve learned as a leader is that you can always promote urgency. This focus will never die. If you are not passionate about your work and don’t work hard- you’ll never get results, so that’s what a lot of people know about what to expect on exchanges- hard work.
We were able to see so many blessings from that this week. Bobby Chen, our elect investigator is getting baptized on wednesday! So pumped. It’s been unreal teaching him. So humble and ready for the gospel. At church he said the closing prayer in Priesthood and it was ballin’
Also, Xiaohan and Jerry (our other 2 recent converts passed the sacrament this week for the first time!) It was exciting to see them do that. We had some others help them where to go and it reminded me of Daniel Hodgins. Love him.
Also this week we have Christmas Zone devotionals, so we’ll be traveling again! Always going 🙂
I love the Lord and know that He fulfills His Promises!

Blessings in Halifax

December 5, 2017
Hello hello everyone!
I’ve been having such an amazing time out here in Halifax. I wanted to give an update on life…
Cultural/ Weather:
1. It hasn’t snowed yet, so that’s a blessing- just some cold wind, but nothing to serious yet.
2. Thanksgiving happens before Halloween in Canada, so we’ve been in the Christmas spirit for a few weeks already and life is just pumpin’!
Most important, missionary efforts!
1. Bobbi Savoy Wright was baptized last week after teaching her for 5.5 months! Whoot whoot! There was about 70 people who came to her baptism. The whole time she was crying and the spirit was so strong (basically this means everyone was feeling really good, for those of you who aren’t Mormon). Her husband came and he is such a nice man. I think she posted a picture of us and the sisters on Facebook and you can see it there. We were able to give her a blessing the week before because she was getting very nervous and anxious. We read the Book of Mormon with her everyday and she says, “The Book of Mormon is some kinda magic, it just calms me right down”. All I can say to that is AMEN!
I love her so much and on Sunday she bore her testimony on the Holy Ghost. We were able to be apart of that and so it was very special.
2. Ironically enough, we meet a 23 year old man Bobby, yes with a y not an i, 2 weeks ago. I have never meet anyone so prepared for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. He has come to church the past 2 weeks, reads and studies everyday for at least an hour. Wants us to visit with him as much as we can- in fact we’re going over there in about 20 minutes… He has read Preach my gospel (a book for Missionaries on what and how to teach, available online for anyone to read) and watches conference in his free time. Seriously. UNREAL. He was born in Taiwan, but moved and grew up in BC. He lives in Halifax and works in the Navy.
With all of our travels for zone conferences and what not, the only day in the next 2 weeks that we can baptize him is next Wednesday and so that’s happening next week! Ahhh it’s seriously a Christmas Miracle. He even bore his testimony this last Sunday about how much his life has changed in the past 2 weeks. He knows the gospel is true just as much as I do! It can change your life!
3. Xiaohan (our recent convert) is doing really well and will be passing the sacrament for the first time next week! Yay! We’ll be going to the temple soon.
I seriously love being a missionary and love every person I meet and can talk to. Remember to #LIGHTtheWORLD everyday this month (check out to see what this is- it’s super cool).
Love you all!
Elder em

November 28, 2017

Hi family. No time to write this week. Went on an adventure today no time. Hahah but we have a baptism this Friday– Bobbi. She’s so amazing and we are pumped! Whoot whoot been teaching her for 5 months now so it’s finally time yay! Have to run to the airport to pick up some Missionaries now! Love ya bye!


October 31, 2017

October 31, 2017
We had another ballin’ week here in Halifax. Had 2 exchanges and hosted a super Saturday for all the youth in the stake. It was very fun to be with kids around hen’s age. there are some rad kids and i was just bonding with them and having a ball of a time.
Xiaohan is doing very well and this week we went and played soccer with his friend, Jerry- the other member who we bring to his lessons, but is kinda LA. We didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into, but we show up at the address and its the Dalhousie Stadium….. So it ends up being a full on scrimmage between all of these asians students and us! Hahaha it was so fun because we were just wearing nike running shoes, basketball shorts, and a BYU shirt and everyone else is decked out in cleats and sweatbands hahahha!!! It turned out well because after the game with talked with all the cool guys and we are hopefully going to start teaching one of them.
Other news is that we are teaching this black man from The Gambia. He is rad, muslim, but wants to learn because he’s a refugee. I love the work here! Staying strong and true!
Love Elder Em

Baptism of Xiaohan!

October 24, 2017

Hello friends!
This last Saturday we had a baptism of our best friend Xiaohan! He is full of faith and I just love him! We met him just under a month ago and he has wanted to know more about God. Since meeting with him he has said he has felt more peace and happiness and is loving life. He bore his testimony (how he feels about God) during his baptismal service and it was one of the most precious moments for a me and for any missionary. I was able to give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost. This is a blessing of baptism- that you can have the constant companionship of God’s spirit with him always. The baptismal service was fantastic and we performed a special musical number. There was lots of people and everything went according as planned.
Lesson learned this week: Trust that God will bless your efforts. He always will bless us for our hard work and faith in Him!
Love you all!
Elder Em

Working Hard

October 17, 2017

So this weeeek was fun and crazy!
Zone conferences were fun as always. Traveling to Moncton and then back home here and then took a plane to Newfoundland on Thursday. I honestly don’t think my birthday could have been on a better day. President got us a hotel and so I woke up on my birthday in a queen been at a little bed n breakfast. So started out the day better then normal. Then a nice warm shower with complimentary shampoo and what not, followed by a GOOD breakfast buffet. Then we had zone conference at the Lions club and it was very smooth cause it was round 3. During lunch they made banana cake with icing and it was delicious! They sang and the whole bit. After the conference President took us out to Dinner at this amazing little local place called ‘Rosies’. I got their Newfoundland Famous ‘Turkey Mess’ just look at the picture and you’ll understand why I was sick the next day….
Came back and taught Xiaohan. He’s getting baptized on saturday!!! Whoot whoot. We taught him on Saturday downtown and there was a festival and there was about 10million people downtown Halifax I felt like I was in NYC. I was loving it, but comes were saying get us out of here- too many people. Xiaohan is doing so well. This past week he brought 2 more friends to come and meet with us- so cool.
Busy week coming up with some exchanges and a conference and the baptism- so talk to you later!
Elder Em

Canadian Thanksgiving

October 9, 2017

For thanksgiving today we had a “turkey bowl”. I asked if I could be QB, and I’m not all into being like a big football player or anything- like some of the elders were taking it much more seriously than I was. Anyway, they said yes and my first play I just hacked that ball down the field and I didn’t even look and it literally landed in the arms of one of our players in the end zone. It was HILARIOUS to say the least. No one was expecting it and then BOOOM! TOUCHDOWN🏉🏉
This week has been so great. We taught our investigator Xiaohan 3 times and he came to institute and church! He is so elect and basically already lives the gospel. I think my favourite part about him is his prayers- so sincere. He busses to church and knows the Book of Mormon so well. We have another Chinese recent convert that just moved to Halifax and the two of them are good friends now. He is pretty set to be baptized on October 21st.
Bobbi went wedding shopping this week and bore her testimony on Sunday this past week. I love her and I can’t wait for her baptism too! Real miracles from heaven. And finally we had this Muslim man, Mosa, come to church with us this week and it was a blast! He is 21, Dal student and is really nice. I don’t know how much we’ll teach him, but it was fun to have him with us at church.
This week I was studying baptism and I’ve come up with some reasons why we are baptized.
1. It’s a commandment
2. We make a covenant, or promise with God to follow Him.
3. We are able to receive the Holy Ghost
4. We receive a remission of our sins
5. We become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
6. We enter in by the gate to the straight and narrow path
I just love learning and teaching the gospel!
Pictures of elder Ipson, Iacopucci, Xiaohan, walking around Halifax, Poutine