Hampton Week 2

February 13, 2018

Miracles happened this week.

In our first week together we were able to have 12 appointments, and it has been awesome! Visiting tons of Less-Active Members, a recent convert, and some investigators to the church. One man that we met with came to church on Sunday! It was very neat to see because the ward hasn’t seen any new faces in a long time. This place is not necessarily a big tourist destination, so having a new face was captivating to many. The sad part about him is that he said he wouldn’t want to read the Book of Mormon anymore… sad face. I know there was a reason that he came to church, either to boost our spirits and get the ward ready for more people that will be coming.

On Saturday we were knocking in a Trailer Park and met a very nice younger mom. She has 3 sons, one whose 9, and twins. As we talked with her she said she was feeling very light headed. She said she had never felt this way before. We talked with her for about an hour and said a prayer with her and ministered a blessing to her.

We went back yesterday and we taught her about the Restoration and she loved it! Ate it right up and said she had been praying to God about why there were so many churches and why He didn’t just make one. *Bombs of joy going off in our heads*

We testified and taught her and she love it! She loved the first vision and was excited to read the Book of Mormon… We were so happy!

Then later in the day we get a phone call from a number we don’t know…. It was the woman from above! She had found our number and said she couldn’t wait till Thursday to talk to us. She said that we were an answer to her prayers, the she felt God through our message, that we had what she needed and wanted to be baptized!!! It was a miracle!!

There will be some challenges to overcome, but I will keep you updated on her and her sons progress over the next couple of months!

Trust God and have faith in Jesus Christ!

Love Elder em

Hampton Week 1

February 6, 2018

I was transferred to Hampton, New Brunswick. A small little town that covers an area of about 2 other little towns as well. One of the other little towns is Sussex, New Brunswick. Home to a bible college and a dairy factory. And Quispamsis, a rich little town on the outskirts of Saint John with large homes and nice cars.
I am very excited to be here! We do lots of awesome events at the church each week to have members invite their friends to including volleyball nights and a cooking class every other Thursday. I am super excited for these.
This week I was also able to be the helper of a recent convert named Ederson receive his endowment. This is a ceremony we do inside of the temples and is very special. There was lots of other missionaries there and the spirit was very strong. Ederson is one of my favorite people I’ve meet out here, mainly because he is very similar to me!
We have been knocking a lot too and have been let into a surprisingly large number of homes. This is always so exciting and I love it when this happens! It was very snowy and clod the past couple of days, but today there was some sunshine and it made me very happy! I’m still taking my Vitamin D pills #nosunshine
A little miracles of the week: I was fasting one day because I wanted to be comforted to know that God was with me in this new area. That He cared for me and would be there to help me. We had just finished a long knocking session in the cold and we were role-playing during our companionship study. I was tired and cold and a bit sad because people weren’t being very receptive. Just then I look down at the phone and see it buzzing and saw my sister Ella’s phone number. She had called and asked me a couple of questions about BYU and my accounts and essays I had to write. At the end she gave me a very sweet boost and I was comforted by God so well in that moment. I know that God is with me. This is His work and He will bless us if we do our best and work hard!
We are determined to find someone to teach and baptize!

Love Elder em

January 23, 2018

January 23, 2018

This week was awesome! We started the week off with teaching a mother and son, Paulina and Simon in one of favorite members home- the Beck’s. They are so prepared for the gospel! She is from Mexico but has lived in Canada for over 20 years. They came to church and loved it. All the Returned Missionaries that served in South America love her because they can practice their Spanish with her. Haha #rmthings

We also hosted a new missionary conference this week here in Dartmouth. I was asked to train on teaching and applying Moronis Promise. It was really awesome and I learned so much about how we receive revelation. Pondering the goodness of God is so important in preparing ourselves. Being willing to commit and follow through are the next steps. And being patient to listen and wait for an answer are the final steps. This is a very basic outline but helped me a lot.
Hope you all love life and snow and all they beauty of the earth!
Love elder Em

January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017

This week was fun, had zone conference this week and so we took a trip to Newfoundland! It was mainly about smartphones as everyone will be receiving them next transfer. We also trained about helping investigators come to church.
Snow began to fall again last night and it is finally sticking and so is beginning to actually feel like winter around here! We have new missionary conference this week, which will be very exciting because those missionaries have so much energy and excitement! We are set up to have a ton of lessons this week and that will be awesome if they all happen.
Study the scriptures every day! Yeet!
Love, Elder Em

January 8, 2018

January 8, 2018
The storm of the winter.
This week was pretty incredible. We were having a meeting about receiving smartphones next transfer and it was on the days of a crazy storm. We were inside the chapel and we could hear the wind howling around outside. We went and looked and saw wind and rain dumping everywhere it was quite amazing. As we were discussing making goals the power went out and we just kept going on with our discussion for about 10 minutes. Then we cleaned up all the tables and chairs and what not by the light of some pocket flashlights and exit signs.
We were in Dartmouth and we found out the the bridges to Halifax had closed. So 10 of us elders had to spend the night at the mission home! It was such a blast let me tell ya! In memory of Thomas S. Monson we watched the documentary about his life. We were inside from about 6 to 10pm. The next morning it had gotten a lot better and as we drove around we saw blow over signs, light posts, banners, trees, etc. Quite fun to be honest.
Lesson learned from this week: God is in total control! At his hand things can change. We must put our trust in His Plan and purposes.  I know this is true! We must live the doctrine of Christ to be happy and feel at peace while in the storms of life.
People notes:
Bobbi received a calling to be the primary secretary and she is doing amazing.
Bobby is also doing well. He is so self sufficient. He will be receiving the priesthood next week and I love him!
Xiaohan: it was his birthday this week and we took him to some BBQ for the first time! I love him too!
Love, Elder Em
Emmett’s letter from Christmas:
December 27, 2018
Ok this week has been fun and awesome- watching home alone and being with members a lot. One of my favorite families is from Holland and they have 2 sons whom I love to be with. One kinda reminds me of Henry which is fun. That’s the Van der Putts. We also were able to spend time with Matthew and his father. They fed us Christmas Day and were very generous.
Our recent convert, Xiaohan was invited to our branch presidents home which he said was very nice. We were invited over by another favorite family, the Huish’s. Shoutout to them because they messaged my mom and found out I love and we have waffles on Christmas morning- they made it for us! And then she got me a huge thing of MUG root beer. Another Madsen tradition to be at the bottom of our stockings. So nice of them.
I think the biggest lesson I have learned this week is that the people is much more important the that place. I haven’t been saddened by the fact that I was away from home. It’s been pretty fun not gonna lie. When else will I be in a foreign country with a bunch of random people? Our district (a group of Missionaries) got together on Christmas Eve and we made crepes and breakfast food. Following that we had a testimony meeting (sharing our thoughts and feelings about Christmas time and how we know Jesus Christ is our Saviour). It was quite special and I felt the love of God in our little get together.
I love you all, I love the Saviour, I love missionary work!
Elder Em

January 2, 2018

January 2, 2018

Weather/ Gators:
This week was gooood. We had lots of fun during christmas and the days following. nothing like following christmas with but a freezing windy week. It got to about -25C with the wind and we were out street contacting! hahah I was so cold that I said, ok we gotta do something else and we found an apartment building and buzzed tons of people until we got in. then we just knocked the whole building and sat down with 2 different people and began teaching them! So awesome. The Lord really guides us with the spirit.
Principle learned this week:
 Thoughts are powerful. I’ve been changing the way and patterns for my thinking. I’m trying to have structure to my thoughts and not allow ‘blank’ wandering time. This is when Satan comes in and tries to allow loathing, pity, and other poor thoughts to enter. My big theme for this year is being an agent and acting instead of being acted upon. When we find discouragement, I’m learning how to think my way out of it. Remembering the Lord’s plan. Feeling gratitude. Figuring out how my thoughts got to this, and replacing the thoughts with positive ones!
Other people:
The 5 recent converts we have we are getting them all interviews for temple recommends next week! We are helping them become self reliant by having them schedule everything and figure it out on their own as we guide them. If they are going to be life long members, they have to learn this stuff sometime. We are hoping to go on Jan. 20th which would be super fun! So that’s the next step.
Elder em

Happy Holidays

December 18, 2017

Hello hello!
Another exciting week out here in Halifax!
#1 Bobby was baptized and it was an amazing baptism. I was able to speak on the Gift of the Holy Ghost and I shared the story of mine the the Ellison’s (my cousins) trip to Utah. I was reflecting on that story and the role that the Holy Ghost played during it. The Holy Ghost reminded, prompted, comforted, and guided us even though there was many many inconviences. We had about 40 people out to the baptism and our recent convert Matthew baptized him which was very special. I love baptisms!
#2 Traveled around for Christmas zone conferences and it was beautiful listening to all the Missionaries special musical numbers. Harp, piano, banjo, guitar, and more! It began to snow all around the maritimes… New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. On our journey to Newfoundland we were able to go see Cape Spear. It was gorgeous and fun fact: it’s the most eastern point of North America! Whoot that was pretty cool to hear.
#3 Christmas time is coming and I am loving celebrating the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ. I feel very sublime during the holidays on a mission as I have come to find the meaning for holidays. This is mainly evident because I can’t go shopping very often, so it’s been a very eye opening experience.
Have a blessed Christmas!
Elder Em